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Please don’t call me fat

February 9, 2013

Just thought I would let everyone know what body hatred is like,and what goes on in your head whenever someone calls me “fat” or frumpy or whatever. I think that in our society, all we see is images of “perfection” and people don’t stop to question what it feels like to not fit into that. To know you never will. We are image obsessed. It doesn’t matter how smart,funny,caring a woman is,so long as she fits into the right jeans and has perfect hair and teeth

It’s loud in my head today
The dark voice is there
Urgent, urging
Pain and redemption

It’s always there,
Sometimes quiet and lurking
Waiting to strike
When the moment is right

I know what it wants
Ripped flesh and blood bubbling
Or blunt instruments and bruises
That can be explained away
By my clumsiness

It wants to punish me today
For those donuts I ate
For the pizza consumed
Secretly in the night

It wants me to bleed
For the jeans I don’t fit into
For the pimples not concealed
And for the bad hair, I don’t deal with

It wants to hurt me
For being too ugly
Too weird,too chubby
And not looking like a model

This voice is so loud
It’s never ending
This cycle of hatred
And body-shaming
Anything bad society says about my appearance
I have called myself worse

-Shannon Dechen

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One Comment
  1. teri mcintyre permalink

    this made me cry………SO BAD

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