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Love Is Your Greatest Weapon

February 6, 2013

I know why you do it. Why you bury your head in the sand and ignore the atrocities taking place around you. I know why you stay sheltered and take solace in the t.v. instead of with your neighbors. I know why you have covered your heart in ice and forsaken your moral code. You are afraid. Fear has crept into your bloodstream and paralyzed your ability to function as you once did. You know what? Its ok. Fear is a normal part of the everyday human pantheon of emotion. Ive been scared many times. Hell, when I was a kid I had to keep the light on in my closet when I went to bed. If I didn’t I knew for a fact that the boogeyman would slither his way over to my bed and devour my soul. Logic told me that the boogeyman doesn’t exist. That if the light were to go out in my closet I wouldn’t be attacked by some slimy spade clawed beast from hell. And yet I was afraid and every night that light would go on.

I mention the above because today the fear of the boogeyman is paralyzing millions of people. Only instead of a raging beast, this boogeyman is flesh and blood. It lives in Washington D.C. and is made up of hundreds of different parts called Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents. This boogeyman has done his best to scare the daylights out of you and he is succeeding. However, this beast has a weak spot. He can be defeated. You wield the one weapon that the boogeyman cannot defend against: Love. Love for your fellow man/woman and love for yourself. The boogeyman would like you to believe that you are worthless, that you can only survive by depending on him for help. This is wrong. You have the ability to do things beyond your imagination but only if you break the chains you have bound yourself with. Stop being afraid and thaw out your heart. Help your neighbor when you see him struggling. Smile at a stranger just for the hell of it. The human race is capable of amazing things when love and compassion are involved. How many times have communities torn apart by disasters come together and rebuild not only the community but each other? How many times are life changing good deeds done without thought of reward or recognition?

I know firsthand the affect a kind act can have. When I was going through chemo for kidney cancer in 2002, I was laid up in the hospital with a digestive system shutdown. I had an NG tube up my nose, a catheter had been inserted, and the pain I was going through was excruciating. After four days of this I had hit my wall. I was at the point after 5 months of pain and sicknesses and surgeries that I wished things would end and I could finally rest in peace for good. Then, on the fourth night, I received a call from a nurse I usually had during the day. She was calling to tell me that she was thinking about me and that she wished there was more she could do to help. When the conversation was over I sat on my hospital bed next to a bucket of my own stomach bile and cried. Suddenly my heart felt lighter and the will to keep fighting was renewed. All it took was an act of love and kindness. The fear, anger, and desolation I had been feeling was gone. It was at that moment that I realized if change is to ever take place in this world it will have to be based on love and compassion. It could be something simple like opening a door for a stranger, or picking up the tab at a coffee joint for the person behind you. Sometimes the smallest acts bring about the biggest change. Love is your biggest weapon against fear. Use it, share it, and more importantly, show other people that its ok to open your heart.



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