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If A President Drone Bombs People and No One Pays Attention Does it Still Count?

February 5, 2013

    Ho ho that’s a dangerous question to ask in these times bubba. Never question a president that has the ability to turn a Tyco Toy into your worst nightmare. Right, it is better to sit back and be a model citizen while the walls around you get knocked down by police tanks and Department Of Homeland Security stooges. Truth Justice and the American Way is no longer the motto of this great country. Instead, its been replaced with “Bend Over and Prepare to be Fucked.” Now I realize that this may sound great to those who have seen a decrease in their sex life (Bad action is better than no action) but to the rest of us it is an anger inducing, flag sucking, whorebeast of a motto.

This brings me to the topic at hand. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I am neither a supporter of Democrats or Republicans. In fact, to me, voting is basically getting dp’d by a gang of political perverts. Elephant in front donkey in back or vice versa it really doesn’t matter. There really is no distinction between Republican dick and Democrat dick except that every once in awhile Democrats will tease you with a reach around. It is for this reason that I must question the sanity of Obama supporters. Back when Bush Jr was in office and those of us “in the know” were running around yelling about what a tyrannical prick this guy was, the Dems were fanning the flames. “Yes!” they said. “This man is a whorebeast and he should be cast into hell!” The whole thing was savage right from the start. Fast forward four years and the Democratic savior has not only continued Bush Jr’s policies but in a lot of ways he has made them worse. Now the only thing I hear out of the Democrats is “Yeah well Bush started it!” Oh, well Im glad you fucking cleared that up for me. I guess its ok to continue bombing brown people and violate numerous rights because Bush Jr did it first. These deranged quails are doing the EXACT same thing you assholes rallied against Bush for and yet NOW you support it! Please for the love of Ganesh pull your heads out of your asses and look at the big picture. You are being mugged, raped, sodomized, and beaten like dogs by both parties. They will have you believe that everything they are doing is in YOUR best interest. The fact of the matter is this: They don’t give a shit about your interests. Ask yourself this, if it takes less money to end hunger and poverty than it does to wage all these stupid wars, why don’t we focus on that? Why are there four vacant homes in this country for every 1 homeless family/person? Why does our government care more about bombing brown people than it does worrying about its own citizens? Easy, because YOU LET THEM.  

You see, this country is addicted to professionals. We elect Professional Bankers, Professional lawyers, Professional Oil tycoons, and in one case even a Professional Basketball player. Why? Obviously after 237 years of electing professionals even the dimmest of you can see that it doesn’t work. We are led to believe that one team of professionals is worse than the other team even though they both use the same playbook. The sad thing is that this plan works. Every four years you go out and you vote for these weirdos and freaks and yet at the end of election day you find yourself in the same position, bent over a table being double pumped by the very swine you just elected. Open your eyes and see the reality of this situation. Stop avoiding the truth. Stare it down and then fist it with everything you have. Stop being scared, stop being pawns, and start fucking back. You are better than this America. At one time we were the very symbol of what the human spirit can accomplish. Now we are just another empire doomed to fall because of incompetence and complacence. There is still time to right this ship, but it is up to you to take the wheel.



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