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Imagination Land

February 3, 2013

            Let’s take a trip to Imagination Land where you work for a multi-billion dollar corporation, the company is run by a board of directors and you are a low level pencil pusher on the ground floor. The company has taken a drastic turn in the last few years, outsourcing a lot of work to competitors, spending more money than they make and barely staying afloat. The board has decided that in order to make more money they are going to cut your pay, do away with your benefits, now require you to pay them for use of your desk, computer and supplies and give a percentage of your paycheck back to them for “company improvements”, but you never see anything improve except the model year of their Mercedes. They also just approved bonuses for themselves, free lifetime health care and took a vacation on the company dime. What would you do? Quit, sue them or start a movement to restructure the company? Now what if I told you this company you work for is actually the United States and that board is congress, the senate and our president. What do you think now? Do you still feel the same way as when it was a faceless corporation taking advantage of their employees?

            Democrats, Republicans, how about I am not falling for that shit anymore! There is no distinction between the parties, one is a black zebra with white stripes and the other is a white zebra with black stripes. They raise our taxes, debate over our rights and our bodies. They cut services such as social security and Medicare, and then they spend Christmas in the Caribbean. These career politicians need to go, they have never spent one day in the real world with the rest of us. They have no idea what it is like to have to choose between paying your electric bill and feeding your children because you lost your job. Their answer to everything is to raise taxes and print more money, time to spend a day in reality with the rest of us. I am tired of being lied to, treated like I am too stupid to make my own decisions and generally being screwed over.

Our illustrious government is not the only ones stuck in Imagination Land, the American people seem to be embracing the skewed ideology of this place also. We continue to follow and re-elect these people without question when they prove time and again they care noting for the wants and needs of a large majority of us. Imagination Land has so fucked up our priorities, I hardly recognize us anymore. We idealize, worship and pay millions to men who put on helmets and defend footballs and run bases rather than the ones who defend our countries and run into burning buildings. Our idea of beauty is airbrushed, plastic, snipped and sewn ruining young girls and women alike who can never dream of attaining this sort of sick and twisted Barbie doll body. We have the latest cell phones, video games, computers and so much technology that families only speak when texting to each other. We give TV shows to morons from New Jersey and obese and exploited little girls, we use this mindless dribble as babysitters so we can farm, play bingo and share stupid pictures of talking cats instead of teaching our children to read. We have stopped thinking for ourselves, stopped questioning the world around us instead we rely on the biased media and campaign commercials to tell us how we should think and what to be concerned about.

 I have had enough, I am mad and I refuse to take anymore of this bullshit. I will not let my children grow up in Imagination Land. There will be family dinners around the kitchen table with actual talking. They will know they are beautiful no matter what they see on television or read in magazines. They will be educated and have the capacity to think for themselves. They will question, learn and stand up for what is right. I will teach them the things my parents taught to me. They will not be pushed around or let anyone take away their rights. The time is now; we can turn this around, unplug yourselves and remember to think.

Nicole Schmidt


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