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Vaccinate This!

February 2, 2013
The debate over childhood vaccinations rages on parenting forums all over the internet. Should you vaccinate, or shouldn’t you? We have our own opinions on whether to vaccinate our children, When making the decision, it is important that everyone educate them self rather than relying on the medical staff to actually be honest with you about it. There is so much to consider when choosing whether to vaccinate your child or not. It is surprising how little we know about the ingredients. Well I did my research on the ingredients of vaccines, what I found was down right disgusting!
   Many vaccines contain live viruses. The rota virus vaccine contains several live rota-virus strains form both humans and monkeys! Flu shots and mumps vaccines are made in part from chicken eggs, hence the reason those with egg sensitivity may be allergic to them. Some are made with genetically altered yeast. Polio vaccines are created using monkey kidney cells. Rubella, and Mumps vaccines are cultured in human cells that come from aborted human fetal tissue, yes as in a dead baby. The lungs to be exact. Yes, I just said that. Other ingredients are Sulfate (salt of sulfuric acid). Sulfur, is used in gunpowder and insecticides. Ammonia sulfate may be harmful to your gastro track, liver, respiratory, and neurological systems….yummy.
  Some polio and flu shots contain actual formaldehyde. It is used as a tissue fixative. It is considered one of the most hazardous compounds. It can cause high acidity, liver, kidney, and nerve damage. To say that the side effects are numerous is an understatement. Among them are blindness, pneumonia, shock, vomiting. Smoke and car exhaust also contain formaldehyde. It can be used as a disinfectant and detergent. The most well-known use for formaldehyde is in embalming corpses. Again you read that correctly! Other ingredients include potassium monophosphate, diphosphate, and phenoxyethanol (antifreeze). That last one is very toxic and one of the more hazardous chemicals. It’s used in Hepatitis A and polio vaccines. It may cause disorders of the kidney, liver, circulatory system, and central nervous system. It’s common knowledge that ingesting antifreeze can cause death by poisoning, and is toxic to many body parts. Other side effects can range from vomiting to convulsions. Sign me up for that!
  Now some ingredients don’t seem so bad; salt and sodium chloride, are used in some. Others are antibiotics like polymixin, which is used in some flu shots and Polio vaccines. Sugars, salts and antibiotics are no big deal, right? Think about it though, with how much sugar and salt we take in already, why would we want to inject more into our body? More importantly we all know that taking antibiotics when not sick can weaken the immune system. People can also develop allergies to antibiotics, especially after being exposed to them repeatedly. Many allergic reactions to vaccines are associated with antibiotic hypersensitivity. Some of these antibiotics are in several vaccines, making the child allergic to each one containing that antibiotic. Some vaccines contain more than one antibiotic, making it hard to know which one the child is allergic too.  It’s pointless to inject antibiotics along with virus anyway, being that antibiotics have no effect on viruses. Makes you wonder huh?
   Discovering that formaldehyde, antifreeze, and aborted fetal cells were in vaccines was enough to convince me not to vaccinate my children any further. I keep thinking, why would anyone want to inject any of this into their body? I would never drink antifreeze, so why would I inject it into my child’s bloodstream? Most of the ingredients in vaccines are hazardous and toxic to our bodies, even in small quantities. Many believe that by not vaccinating children against illness you are taking a huge risk. For me, injecting my child with antibiotics, metals, poison, and live viruses is an even bigger risk.
With this being said I believe it is my right to choose not to vaccinate my children any further. However, the schools and medical staff all seem to disagree with me. It makes me wonder if they know the potential hazards to us as humans. After all, if we were never sick, how would they make money off of us? Cancers, liver problems, and many diseases can be linked to immunizations. So let me ask you this? Why is it that parents are almost tied down and forced to shoot their children up with these death injections? Could it be the large profits that are made off of our sickness and diseases? Or is this some twisted way for America to kill us off and shorten out life span? Whatever the reason I for one will NOT be vaccinating my children. I would love for someone to try to tell me other wise. My suggestion to you is to research and trust no one else’s opinion on what you put into your bodies.

*Facts and data for this article came from other sources the actual writing of the article is an original work by Kay Horton

-Kay Horton

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  1. Chris permalink

    Ya it’s pretty sad that people research more in there flat screens and iPhones then what they pump into there kids

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