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America’s Obsession with -isms

February 1, 2013

Its another snowy day here in the wonderful land of the mitten, which means traffic headaches and school closures. However, here at Bastard University we are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Todays little lesson is about Americas incredible fetish with -isms. Below you will find my 3-4 favorite -isms and why they are incredibly harmful.

1. Sexism: Whether you want to admit it or not this has always been a “mans” world. Better pay, more respect, top jobs, etc.. to be honest (this is going to be unpopular) thats not my fight. If you dont like the pay you are getting do something about it. If the job you are at is harassing you do something about it. Where sexism and I collide is when people get seriously hurt. Im not talking butthurt Im talking seriously injured or killed. One such case starts back in 1911. You see back in the 1900s a little thing called polio laid waste to cities across the globe. It was pretty much a “death sentence.” Paralysis was pretty much a given and there wasnt much anyone could do about it. At the time the basic form of treatment for Polio was immobilizing the limbs in splints and letting the disease run its course. However, in 1911 a woman by the name of Sister Elizabeth Kenny sensed that the muscles in child polio victims were tight and treated it with warm compresses and weights on the legs. Amazingly it worked. The few children she had treated not only survived polio but did so without the paralysis that had taken the legs of so many before them. News soon spread of this new “cure” and it was met by the male dominated medical profession as “Hogwash” and the “ravings of what amounts to nothing more than a midwife.” 3 years passed and word spread to a male British doctor who understood the wisdom in what she had done. He started using the method and became famous world over for having cured polio. It took 11 years for Sister Elizabeth Kenny to get the credit she deserved all because a bunch of dickhead male doctors didnt like the fact that they were shown up by a woman with less training than they had. In the 3 years that had passed thousands of kids lost their ability to walk because of stupid human arrogance. Today this kind of sexism still shows its face. Its not as frequent but it does happen. Take a look at the CIA agent Dick Cheney outed because he was butthurt that she didnt agree to play ball with him. He put her entire family including her kids at risk. Never outed the other two male agents that supported her.

Racism: The very idea of hating someone based solely on skin color or heritage is amazing to me. I have tried many times to make sense of it and I have failed time and again. Thanks to the mainstream media and blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Rachel Maddow, and that freak of nature Erin Burnett, race is constantly at the forefront in this country. If you dont like Obama you’re a racist. If you like people who DONT take advantage of the welfare system you are a racist, If you beat off in the morning you are a racist. Its getting old and all its doing is dividing the people for no reason. Thats not to say that racism doesnt exist because it does but the only way we are going to start dealing with this issue is if the media stops labeling everything as racist. Its hard to talk to people about whats going on in the world when they have had it beaten into their skulls that anyone that speaks out against Obama is racist.  We all share this planet. If we cant unite because of skin color differences than we truly are lost as a species.

Socialism: If I showed up at your house with a gun and forced you to turn over some of your possessions to your neighbor, Im pretty sure you would spend the next 10 years cursing and damning my future bloodline. Either that or you’d call the cops who would find a way to blame you and arrest you for it. Either way it wouldnt end well and you wouldn’t tolerate it. So why then do you tolerate it from your government? A friend of mine threw up a post on facebook about how great socialism is because her street gets plowed in the winter. Really? Is this how far the people in this country have fallen? I explained to her that you dont need the government to have a plowed street. That if people wanted it plowed they would find a way to get it done. Her response was and I quote ” Why should we have to do it its the governments responsibility.” This is why we are in the mess we are in. Nobody wants to take responsibility or ownership for their life/property. I lived on a street a few years back where three guys that lived on said street would go out after a big snowfall and snowblow the street so that people could drive through it without too much issue. Apparently those weirdos didnt get the memo that plowing streets was the governments responsibility. People talk welfare…”Thank God for Socialism the government is feeding us.” Do I really have to remind you that a bunch of non profit homeless shelters and Soup kitchens got shut down over the last few years for “Illegally” feeding people on welfare? The government doesnt give a fuck about whether you eat or whether or not your little street gets plowed. All they want is for you to be dependent on them. If you rely on the government for your well being, you wont ask questions, you wont rock the boat and more importantly you wont start thinking for yourselves. All because the government could cut your lifeline and leave you hanging there to fend for yourself. “Ok bigshot blogger guy whats your solution?” Easy there are thousands of (HONEST) charities out there that provide shelter and food for families that are hurting. There is one right next to my office that relies on community donations to run operations and they feed hundreds of families. Every summer they give away fresh corn and veggies on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month. This is in addition to their daily operations. They NEVER turn anyone away (unlike Uncle Sam). Start building relationships within your community and WORK TOGETHER. Stop relying on Uncle Sam because I can promise you that aid comes with a whole bunch of chips you arent going to be happy cashing in.

Those are my 3 favorite -isms that this country needs to cut cold turkey. People dont like the idea of doing things for themselves or putting in effort. My suggestion to you is that the next time you run into an -ism lover you turn them onto a useful -ism: Humanism.





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