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Oh the Humanity!!!

January 31, 2013

Bullying protected by the first amendment, burglars suing home owners, God sanctioned rape? What the fuck is wrong with us? At what point in our history did the American people become so detached from humanity as to allow this type of thing to happen? At what point did we stop caring about our communities, our neighbors, our own children? You see your elderly neighbor being beaten down by thugs, instead of helping them you get out your cell phone and record it. DO SOMETHING!!!! But we are safe behind that lens, on the other side of that TV. We pass judgment on the accusers rather than the accused. We dissect them, degrade them, pick apart their lives and everything they have done until we can convince ourselves that they somehow deserved what happened to them. So we know we are not like them, therefore those horrible things can never happen to us. We don’t have to get involved we can stay in our own little world, believing our little lies. That is until one day when that great big problem we have created comes knocking at our door. What will you do then? Who will you turn to? Who will help you?

Look at the message we are sending, it’s okay to rape, steal, kill, bully and no one will blame you. Don’t worry we will find excuses for you, we will blame your victims for being too easy how could you resist harming them. We pass blame around this country like prescription pills. Your kid does badly in school, it’s the teachers fault. You rape someone, they were a whore anyway. You bully someone so badly they kill themselves; they were too weird and probably did it for attention. You shoot someone; well obviously it is the guns fault. Then you can get a book deal, a TV special and a movie too! I feel like banging my head against the wall rather than trying to grasp the enormity and depth of our depravity. How long will it be before it is you, your children? What has to happen in this fucked up world for people to stand up and get their heads out their asses? All I can say is I will not perpetuate this, nor will my children. I will stand up to injustice, I will help my neighbors, I will get involved and I vow to show I care about others. If one person stands up and says, no more and that one person inspires one more and so on this would be a much better world and I would stop debating just putting my children in a bubble the rest of their lives. 

Nicole Schmidt

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  1. Chris permalink

    Well said young lady. It’s called sub conscious brainwashing. Think about it, the people that run are country are the biggest corrupt bullies ever! And then they use the media and school to make and sound like there doing the right thing. It’s so fucking twisted when the criminal gets more rights then the victim. Personally I think you harm a child or women automatic death! Not fucking death row, I mean you take them right from there hearing out back and shoot his/her ass! Put that on the news bet rapes/abuse would lower. You shoot someone so you can commit a crime same thing ! Eye for an eye. The way things are now someone does evil they go to prison big fucking deal! What did they learn? They learned I just got room and board and three squares Remember the old days when they use to hang people for a crime they didn’t wait years to do it either. As far as bully’s I witnessed a girl upset in the hallway of a school I was in, and the teacher was talking to her telling her to calm down etc. (yes I was listening in) the teacher told this girl just avoid her! Are you serious this girl did nothing she didn’t come to school and say please fuck with me please. So why don’t ya go in that class room and handle the situation lady. And yes the girl thanked me a complete stranger for standing up for her. America’s the home of the brave not the pussies. More people need to stand up for themselves and for the ones that can’t stand by themselves…..just my thought

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